SGVC would like to thank Hafsa Aasi,a GIS Researcher, for her research and contribution to bringing awareness to the homeless population. Please see below for detailed information on her research. 

    When we issue it fully functional, later this summer, you'll be able to sort the data, and get a related map of the information requested, by City and by Service Type.  Each bubble will contain contact information about the provider. You'll be able to use this application on tablets, laptops, cell phones, etc.

    We need your help with supplying/updating your information as we populate the database behind this application.

    This application is based upon a Database of Providers the Consortium has been maintaining. Like all such databases, it is only as good as the accuracy of the data in it (garbage in, garbage out). You can view the database here: Database of Providers

    To help ensure the accuracy of our data and mapping: 

    1. Please review the database to see if your organization is listed. 

    2. If not, and you want it to be listed, please complete this Data Collection Form With Legend.  Please be accurate in filling out the form and if you have more than one location, be sure you fill out one (1) line on the form for each.  It's important to accurately report the services you provide by including the abbreviations shown for each in the Legend section of the form. Please list ALL locations in the Los Angeles area, not just those in the San Gabriel Valley. Remember, how this is reported out, and shown, will depend on how accurately you complete this form. When providing an address it must be a physical location – you cannot list a Post Office Box.  GIS only maps street addresses.

    3. If not listed and you do not want to be listed you don't have to do anything. 

    4. If you are listed, and you do not want to be listed, please send us an email and let us know. 

    5. If you are listed and you want to continue to be listed, please be sure the information about your organization, especially your address and services provided section is accurate. Again, when providing an address it must be a physical location – you cannot list a Post Office Box.  GIS only maps street addresses. If your information is correct please send us an email and let us know that.  If corrections are needed, please complete the Data Collection Form With Legend (see # 2 above) and return it to us at this email address showing the corrections that need to be made.  If you want to add additional locations please complete a line for each location when filling out the Data Collection Form With Legend. 

    6. If your organization has created your own database of providers that you use and would be interested in talking about possibly including it in this mapping application, please email Todd Palmquist so that we can discuss it further. 

    7. All Data Collection With Legend Forms should be returned to the Consortium at this email address 

    Thanks to all for your help and assistance. 

    Map Legend

    B= Benefits

    BH= Woman and Children

    CA= Clothing Assistance: An agency providing free clothing assistance

    CDR= Chemical Dependency Recovery

    CM = Case Management: Linkage to direct service providers, case planning, guidance and crisis intervention   

    DV= Domestic Violence Shelter: Temporary shelter primarily for support of women escaping violent situations offering other supportive services (i.e.-legal, counseling, services, social services, etc.).

    EAC= Emergency Access Center

    EES= Employment and Education: Educational Services (i.e., tutoring, homework help, etc.) and employment services (i.e., job search assistance, advocacy, direct placement, job resources, resources and use of equipment (e.g., internet, fax machines, etc.).

    ES= Emergency Shelter: Facility providing temporary or transitional shelter (e.g., emergency and weather shelters, substance abuse, etc.).

    FB= Food Banks: A facility that distributes free food assistance (i.e. – canned, packaged, including services-meals on wheels, etc.).

    HCS= Health Care Services: Services that address prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of physical well-being.

    LS= Legal Services: Agencies providing free or low cost legal services (i.e.-Legal Aid).

    MHS= Mental Health Services: Agencies offering counseling, (individual, group, etc.) medication to promote mental stability and wellness. 

    Other= Other

    PSH= Permanent Supportive Housing: A program that helps with locating long-term permanent housing (i.e.-Affordable Housing, Supportive Housing, and Section 8) and oftentimes supportive services.

    RA= Rental Assistance: A subsidy providing financial assistance (e.g., rent, motel vouchers, etc.) to assist in financial independence.

    SS= Supportive Services: Services that focus solely on assistance for job readiness training, legal services, medical services, education classes (GED), life skills classes, substance abuse treatment, referral services, clothing and/or transportation services.  

    TH = Transitional Housing: Short-term transitional housing is short-term to help homeless individuals/families off the streets and into a safer environment (e.g., shelters, group housing, sober living, etc.).

    UA = Utility Assistance: A subsidy given to assist with household utilities (e.g., electric, etc.). 

    VC= Victim Center


    Hafsa Aasi,a GIS Researcher, is currently studying the spatial impact of the availability of resources that can help the homeless. As part of her research, she has been collaborating with the San Gabriel Valley Consortium on Homelessness to analyze the geographic locations of the various resources its members provide in relation to spatial concentrations of the homeless people in the Service Provider Areas (SPAs) served by members of the consortium. She began her research by conducting exploratory analysis of the data and has built several prototypes of a GIS web application which allows consortium users to access an interactive online map to search for the resources its members provide based on search parameters such as city, service type, etc.